Inviting and warm, energizing and creative; define it as contemporary with the big city attitude. Unique, edgy and thoughtful; it has also been described as young and fresh... It’s the art of Ed Hernandez's Photography. Ed prides himself on his diversity and flexibility, the fact that he can photograph your wedding in a variety of styles. He can do traditional storybook-line with a combination of portraits and surprising candids. He can also photograph your affair in color, black and white, sepia, or a combination of all. Perhaps, you would like your wedding photographs captured in a photo journalistic style, which is completely candid and natural. Whatever your vision for your special day our emphasis is on flexibility, detail, and most importantly, setting up a program that will insures you enjoy the day with the least possible interruption.



Award Winning graphic artist and Photographer, Ed Hernandez believes that Love and Romance are one and the same. Ed specializes in beautiful, romantic; creative couples portraiture. Let Ed create for the two of you a collection of timeless heirloom photographs that reflects your love - a romance that you will share together.... forever as one.

Every couple has a unique and special relationship, which binds them together. Every couple has a special story behind their romance. Every couple deserves to celebrate their love and commitment in the special way that signifies their love. What better way to express how you feel about each other than to tell your love story than through a personalized e-sessions photographic storybook and portrait session.


Expectant mother & newborn portraits

Ed’s mission is to capture the innocence and individuality of each of his clients. You will discover he is truly gifted in bringing out fun-loving personalities in children, as well as the joy of parenthood. Expectant mother portraits are best photographed between 27 and 35 weeks, when the mother’s belly is nice and round. Ed recommends that you schedule your session as soon as possible to get an available date. Newborn portraits are best within the first two weeks of life. Be sure to schedule your session prior to delivery. If your baby arrives early or late, Ed will work with you to reschedule your session. Ed has an appreciation for natural, candid portraiture in both black and white and in color.

He feels black and white photography is purely emotional, and allows the viewer to focus on the details of one’s expressions; whereas color photography preserves the details of one’s features — hair color, eye color and skin-tone — many of which may change over time. Eddie offers his clients a mix of black and white and color images, shot in studio light and in natural light, in an elegant, simple style. Priceless pieces of art in the form of photographic prints that will be cherished for generations to come.

Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes, with an allowance for breaks, as children and babies sometimes require. Prior to your session, you will have a phone consultation with Ed to discuss hair, wardrobe and your personal tastes.


Family Portaits

A family session with Ed is a relaxed, fun experience! He set aside plenty of time for each session, so you can take your time and enjoy the experience, without being rushed. 

The session is all about you and your loved ones, we can create your family portraits anywhere you choose - in the privacy of your own home, or at another location of your choice - anywhere within the greater Orlando area. Because he not a high-volume, national chain store, you never have to wait around a crowded, noisy lobby for him to be done with the client before you. We want you to feel like you're our only client, so you have his full attention throughout your session!

Ed Hernandez is a uniquely art-obsessed individual and you will be both amused and exhausted by his energy and passion for life and his art.  Since 1990 he has developed his photographic style, lighting style and has a masterful technical photographic understanding.  Eddie draws upon this experience to give each and every one of his clients the striking, artistic portraits he's known for.  He uses only state-of-the-art cameras and equipment. If you have any other questions, please give Eddie a call at 352.234.isp2 (4772) or contact him through the contact form here on the site, and we'll be happy to try to answer them. We are looking forward to photographing you and your family!


Fashion & Model Portfolios

Ed’s glamour and fashion photographs are about the seductive side of you. He’ll make sure you look hot and attractive. With his lighting and master photographer technique he’ll make you look fabulous. Ed brings with him the ability to capture your best looks. 

Ed does this by getting to know you - that’s why you’ll have a chat with him before any preparation for the shoot is made, bring along some pictures that inspire you as well. You can tell him what side of your personality you want him to capture in the picture, and he’ll do just that. You know what are your best “assets”, he will make sure to put them under the best lighting. Ed has the expertise to put together the right lighting and backdrop to create the perfect mood for your shots.

Ed has met very few women totally confident with their body. That’s why Photoshop is at expert-level hand; when posing and lighting is not enough to make you look your best, professional digital retouching will complete the job for an additional fee. Your glamour photographs will capture your charm, your dreams and your fantasies. Those pictures will become more and more treasured as years pass by.


Corporate Portraits

Ed Hernandez is passionate about everything he does. A corporate portrait and commercial photographer for ten years, Eddie has built a successful career in a very competitive field by bringing a consistent vision to a diverse client base. As a people, still life, and architectural photographer, for clients that range from magazines to ad agencies, he thrives on the variety in the projects he tackles. “Every day is something different doing exactly what I love.” Ed says, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

What stays the same is Ed’s approach. “I take out everything that isn’t absolutely necessary, until the only elements that remain are those which are entirely essential; the best photographs are usually the simplest.” “It’s about getting something honest out of which I’m shooting” and even the most challenging personalities come across as relaxed in his images. Not surprisingly, Ed has found with an ever-increasing amount of celebrity work. “Sometimes you only have five or ten minutes for one setup, the idea is to turn that hurried energy into something dynamic that comes across on camera and most importantly in the finished print.

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