“ Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” -George Eastman. 

Photography is my life long love. Portrait photography is my passion. For me, it's very important to see a human face as it is, and to find the individual and unique beauty in each one and then represent it photographically. A portrait should be provocative, exciting, alluring, breathtaking and captivating. Thanks for taking the time to look through this body of work.

What is Photography, and is it over?

 “Is photography over?” No it is not. It is important to first define photography before making an attempt to choose a position on the state of photography. Admittedly answering any of these questions is a complex task and could take several hundred pages to venture an answer. Many are at odds within this discourse as it is a complex question. Photography is the technology, the process or art of representing time and space in the object of a photograph. Which is the embodying of a form in a record, the photograph of any given object in it’s various natures.

Photography is about light; light can be a metaphor for knowledge, knowledge of our environment and the knowledge of ourselves. No, photography is not over as some purist may argue, nevertheless we are at the very cusp of the transformation of this technology. I agree with scholars that prescribe that we make a mistake when craving to define photography in terms of the ontological or of what existed in the past, argument. However when it comes to photography, knowledge and discovery will take us to the very limit, then at that point there is no more language to describe, or logic to rationalize, at which point some will surrender, some will turn back to the familiar, while others will leap. I choose to leap.